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   Mother: Is your school over? What is the time now?

    Sister Sudhira: Today our school was over in the morning itself. Now it is half past three. And so I came, bringing them with me.

   Mother: You have done well.

   Later the topic of our conversation turned to a girl. The Holy Mother said, "Just see, my dear. She will not go to her father-in-Iaw's place. She has come to me. She does not like the son-in-law because he is dark. Should she reject him simply because he is dark? He is her husband. What kind of girls these are, I do not know. And I hear that his nature is not good. On that account also she does not wish to go. Even if it were so, he has not neglected her. All said and done, he is her husband. I do not know, my dear, what kind of girls these are! If people come to know of this, what will they think? Let her do as she pleases." Saying this, she went to wash her clothes. At the time of taking leave, we made Pranam and said, "Mother, we are going." She corrected me, saying, "You should not say 'I am going'. You should say' I shall come'. 1 Come again when you get time, dear."

   One Saturday evening Sister Sudhira took a few of us to Dakshineswar and on the way back we went to the Holy Mother's house. The Mother was then lying on her cot. Seeing us, Yogin-Ma said, "Where are you coming from at this time of night?" The Mother enquired, "Who has come?" "It is Sudhira", replied Yogin-Ma. Hearing that, the Holy Mother sat up. All of us made Pranam to her and sat down.

   Mother: Where are you coming from at this time of night?

    Sister Sudhira: I took these girls to Dakshineswar. After seeing Arati, as we were returning, it was dark. I thought, having come so close, should I just go away? And so I came over here.

   "You have done well," said the Mother and lay down again. Sister Sudhira began shampooing her feet. I stood nearby fanning the Mother. Sister Sudhira was speaking with her about Dakshineswar.

   Mother: You have seen the Nahabat. Have you not? I



1 In the Hindu tradition it is inauspicious to say 'go' at the time of leave-taking.

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