How can we understand the ways of God through our small intellects?

As Bhishma lay dying on his bed of arrows, the Pandava brothers and Krishna stood around him. They saw tears flowing from the eyes of the great hero.

Arjuna said to Krishna:    "Friend, how surprising it is! Even such a man as our grandsire Bhishma - truthful, self-restrained, supremely wise and one of the eight Vasus - weeps through Maya, at the hour of death." Sri Krishna asked Bhishma about it. Bhishma replied: "O Krishna, You know very well that this is not the cause of my grief. 1 am thinking that there is no end to the Pandavas' sufferings, though God Himself is their charioteer, A thought like this makes me feel that 1 have understood nothing of the ways of God, and so I weep." (145)