Men of the World


You see, we don't take any collection during the performance at our place. Jadu's7 mother says to me, "Other sadhus always ask for money, but you do not." Worldly people feel annoyed if they have to spend money.

A theatrical performance was being given at a certain place. A man felt a great desire to take a seat and see it. He peeped in and saw that a collection was being taken from the audience. Quietly he slipped away. Another performance was being given at some other place. He went there and, inquiring, found that no collection would be taken. There was a great rush of people. He elbowed his way through the crowd and reached the centre of the hall. There he picked out a nice seat for himself, twirled his moustaches, and sat through the performance. (4)

^ A devotee of Sri Ramakrishna