The Child's Vision

Mr. Dickinson was dying drowning in a swimming pool as a 5 year old boy in Nebraska when he started to have a vision, where he saw a man with tranquil eyes and a reassuring smile; then suddenly he was pulled out of the pool, saved by his brother's companion.

years later, he saw Swami Vivekananda entering the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago. HE is the man from my vision, he told her mother. They went and met Swamiji after his speech. HE met Dickinson with a smile like meeting and old friend and read his thoughts and spoke - 'No my son, I am not your guru'. Your teacher will come later and will give you a silver cup!

After years later, Paramhansa Yogananda gave a silver cup to Mr. Dickinson as a Christmas gift. He waited 43 years for this day to happen which Swami Vivekananda had told him.