Indian Institute of Science

The RMS Empress of India started from Yokohama for Vancouver in 1893. On board were hundreds of men; among them were Swami Vivekananda and J. N. Tata. They got talking. Tata talked about his plans to import steel technology into India. Vivekananda blessed the endeavour and spoke of the duty of diverting the ascetic spirit in India into useful channels and also emphasized the development of fundamental science within India. Vivekananda took the train to Chicago, to attend the World Parliament of Religions, where he delivered his famous address.

Tata brought steel manufacturing technology to India.

Inspired by the conversation with Vivekananda, Tata began the process of establishing a quality scientific research institution in India. Five years after the voyage, Tata wrote to Vivekananda requesting him to lead the institution.

The Ramakrishna Mission effusively appreciated the efforts of Tata.

Tata passed away in 1904. The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore was established in 1909.