Rockefeller foundation

In Chicago, Swamiji told John D.Rockefeller much of his past that was not known to anyone but Rockfeller himself and made him understand that the money he had already accumulated was not his, that he was only a channel and his true duty was to do good to the world, God had given him all his wealth in order that he might have an opportunity to help and do good to the people.

Rockefeller was annoyed that anyone dared to talk to him that way and tell him what to do. He left the room in irritation, not even saying good-bye. But about a week after, again without being announced, he entered Swamiji’s study and threw on his desk a paper which told of his plans to donate an enormous sum of money toward the financing of a public institution.

“Well there you are”, he said. “You must be satisfied now and you can thank me for it.”

Swamiji didn’t even lift his eyes and did not move.

Then taking the paper, he quietly read it, saying, “It is for you to thank me.” That was all. Rest is history.

This was Rockefeller’s first ever largest donation to the public welfare.