Power of Belief

After completion of his speech a lady asked, does really deep desire can let me achieve anything in the world.

Swamiji replied yes! She asked can I remove this mountain from my sight right now.

Swamiji said it is very simple job just close your eyes and say in your mind that “you are not here, you longer exist in my eyes……” to the mountain and the mountain will be gone.

She did exactly same hesitatingly and when she opened her eyes the mountain was still there. Just when she was opening her eyes she said “I know you were here”.

She saw the mountain again. She asked Swamiji why the mountain was still there, Swamiji replied whatever you had wished happened. May be you were saying to mountain that you no longer exist but internally you know that it will be here only and that’s what you said after opening your eyes. Your conviction of seeing mountain was higher than not seeing it. And that’s what happened; you saw the mountain – what you have deeply desired. Lady was speechless!

There the lady learnt about the power of belief!