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   The day I came from our suburban home to Calcutta to see the Holy Mother for the first time, I was feeling unwell. I went to Baghbazar in a carriage. On the way I felt giddiness and nausea. I somehow arrived at the Mother's house at Baghbazar and, climbing the staircase, saw the Mother at the door of the long room adjoining the staircase. She was on her way to take her bath. She was standing with one of her hands on the door frame as if waiting for me. As soon as her eyes fell on me, she smilingly said, " Where do you come from, child? Why have you come?"

   I replied, "I have come to see the Holy Mother." At once she said, "I am the Mother, my child. The Master (his picture) is in the other room. Salute the Master and take your seat there. I shall be coming after my bath." Saying this, the Mother left the place.

   I went to the door of the shrine room and saluted the Master from there, and then sat down. I had carried some sweets to offer to the Master. Nalini-Didi came and, sprinkling a little Ganges water on the packet of sweets, took the packet from my hand and kept it in the room. In the meantime the Mother hurriedly finished her bath and returned. I noticed that the worship of the Master and the offerings of fruits and sweets to him were already over and everything was still lying in the shrine room. As I was feeling giddy, I was afraid that if the Mother gave me Prasada to take, I might vomit. When she asked me, "Have you brought something for the Master?" I pointed to the packet of sweets I had brought, saying, "Yes, it has been kept there." The Mother held the packet containing the sweets before the Master's face and said, "O Lord, please eat."

   Then she gave me Prasada consisting of some fruits on a brass dish and a little sherbet in a glass, and said, "Take this Prasada; it will not cause any vomiting." Taking a little Ganges water


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