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   I first saw the Holy Mother in 1907. It was during the rainy season of 1908 that I saw her for the second time. This time I arrived at Jayrambati at about 11.30 a.m. After I saluted her, the Mother asked, "Are you a pupil of Master Mahasay?"

   Disciple: No, Mother, but I visit him frequently.

   Mother: How is he? Have you seen him recently?

    Disciple: He is keeping fine. I met him only eight days back.

   While I was taking my noon meal, I asked the Mother, "Will you be going to Calcutta now?"

   Mother: I wish to visit Calcutta during the Durga Puja holidays. Then whatever the Divine Mother wills. . . . Do you get paddy from your landed property?

    Disciple: Yes, Mother.

   Mother: Good. We don't get good quality paddy in this part of the country. Do you grow Kalai pulse?

   Disciple: Yes, Mother.

    Mother: That's fine. While I was taking my night meal, the Holy Mother asked, "Do you stay at home now?"

   Disciple: Yes, Mother, I am living at home now. I am in grave danger. I had a serious illness, and it has been followed by my marriage.

   Mother: How old is the bride?

   Disciple: She is about thirteen.

   Mother: What has happened is for good, certainly. What can you do?

   Disciple: Master Mahasaya asked me not to marry.

    Mother: Ah! He himself has suffered much. That's why he says,  "None of you should marry."

   Disciple: Worldly life is a great impediment. Engrossed in worldly life, one loses one's manliness.

   Mother: Surely. There is only one cry-money, money, money.

   Disciple: It is very painful.


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