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   The happiest days of my life were when the Holy Mother was alive. One day when I had gone to see the Mother, she was mixing a quantity of coarse powder of parched paddy in a bowl. She happily put two or three crumbs in her mouth and then distributed the rest in the hands of all the devotees present in the room. I said, "Ah! Mother, you hardly took anything." The Mother replied, if these girls eat, it is the same as my eating."

   Another day I went to see her and found that she had an eruption of patches of nettle-rash all over her body.

   Mother: What are these, my child? What's the cure?

   Disciple: Mother, people say that one gets cured if he rolls two and a half times on a blanket spread on the floor of a cow-shed.

   Mother: Ah! The cow-shed and the Ganges are very pure indeed! Perhaps that's why one gets cured.

   One day my seven-year old sister accompanied me to see the Mother. A few days earlier, she had gone to Navadwip and there had started wearing a string of beads made of basil wood. Noticing the string on her neck, the Mother was happy and patted her on the back, saying, "Ah! When did she get this ornament?"

   On that day I had left at home in Basirhat my two-month old suckling daughter. I had come by the morning train and intended to return by the night train. I was feeling that milk was about to ooze from my breast, and so I shrank in uneasiness. Observing this, the Mother asked, "Why are you behaving this way?" I told her the difficulty.

   Mother: Ah, my child, why have you left behind your two-month old daughter? You could have brought her.

   Disciple: Mother, I have not brought the baby lest she makes the place dirty.

   Mother: What if she does? (Repeatedly to all those present) Ah look! From what a distance she has come leaving her two month old baby at home! And how much she is suffering!


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