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   One day I told the Mother, "Mother, the day I saw the Master for the first time, there was a lustre radiating from his body. It looked like the glow created by sun's rays falling on a piece of glass." On hearing this, the Mother said, "My child, you have seen correctly. When I used to rub oil on his body, I would occasionally see such a lustre."

   Another day the Mother's niece Nalini, being very angry, had fasted the whole day. All attempts of the Mother to induce her to eat failed. At long last the Mother called her and said, "Don't take me to be just your aunt. If I so wish, I can give up this body just now."

   While talking about the Master, one day the Mother said to Lalit (Swami Kamaleswarananda), placing her hand on her chest " If ever I attain to the Master, you too will certainly attain to him."


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