Volume 2

At a Calcutta Studio 1881

  1. At the Star Theatre (I)
  2. The Durga Puja Festival
  3. The Master in Various Moods
  4. Advice to Ishan
  5. Visit to the Sinthi Brahmo Samaj
  6. With Various Devotees
  7. Bankim Chandra
  8. At the Star Theatre (II)
  9. The Master's Birthday
  10. The Master and Narendra
  11. With the Devotees in Calcutta
  12. The Master's Reminiscences
  13. At the Houses of Balaram and Girish
  14. At Ram's House
  15. Car festival at Balaram's House
  16. Visit to Nanda Bose's House
  17. The Master on Himself and His Experiences
  18. Sri Ramakrishna at Syampukur
  19. The Master and Dr. Sarkar
  20. The Master's Training of His Disciples
  21. In the Company of Devotees at Syampukur
  22. The Master at Cossipore
  23. The Master and Buddha
  24. The Master's Love for His Devotees
  25. After the Passing Away