THE farther you advance, the more you will see that there are other things even beyond the sandalwood forestó^mines of silver, gold and precious gems39. Therefore go forward.

But how can I ask people to go forward? If worldly people go too far, then the bottom will drop out of their world. One day Keshab40 was conducting a religious service. He said, "O God, may we all sink and disappear in the river of bhakti!" When the worship was over I said to him: "Look here. How can you disappear altogether in the river of bhakti? If you do, what will happen to those seated behind the screen?41 But do one thing: sink now and then, and come back again to dry land." (183)

39    Reference is to the parable 'Go Forward!'

40    The celebrated Brahmo leader, K^eshab Chandra Sen

41    The master referred to the ladies