'WOMAN and gold' alone is the world. Many people regard money as their very life-blood. But however much you may show love for money, one day, perhaps, every bit of it will slip from your hand.

In our part42 of the country the farmers make ridges around their paddy-fields. You know what those ridges are. Some farmers make ridges with great care all the way around their fields. Such ridges are destroyed by the rush of rain water. But some farmers leave a part of the ridge open and put sod there. The water flows through the sod, leaving the field covered with silt after the rain. They reap a rich harvest.

They alone make good use of money who spend it for the worship of God or the service of holy men and devotees. Their money bears fruit. (184)

42 Kamarpukur, a village in Bengal where Sri Ramakrishna was born