WHILE praying to God, ask only for love for His Lotus Feet.

When Rama redeemed Ahalya43 from the curse, He said to her, "Ask a boon of Me". Ahalya said,

"O Rama, if you deign to grant me a boon, then please fulfil my desire that I may always meditate on your Lotus Feet, even though I may be born in a pig's body."

I prayed to the Divine Mother only for love. I offered flowers at Her Lotus Feet and said with folded hands: "O Mother, here is Thy ignorance and here is Thy knowledge; take them both and give me pure love for Thee.

43 The beautiful and devoted wife of a great sage named Gautama. Indra, the king of heaven, infatuated with her beauty seduced her, impersonating her husband. The sage, coming to know of t^his, cursed her and turned her intco a stone', but he said that the touch of Rama's feet would restore her human form. Indra, too, received his share of the curse, as a result of which he had a thousand eruptions on his body. Hence he is known as the thousand-eyed God”

Here is Thy holiness and here is Thy xmholiness; take them both and give me pure love for Thee. Here is Thy virtue and here is Thy sin; here is Thy good and here is Thy evil; take them both and give me pure love for Thee. Here is Thy dharma and here is Thy adharma; take them both and give me love for Thee." (192)