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Volume 1

Addresses at The Parliament of Religions
Response to Welcome, Why We Disagree, Paper on Hinduism, Religion not the Crying Need of India, Buddhism, the Fulfilment of Hinduism, Address at the Final Session

Karma in its Effect on Character, Each is great in his own place, The Secret of Work, What is Duty?, We help ourselves, not the world, Non-attachment is complete self-abnegation, Freedom, The Ideal of Karma-Yoga

Preface, Introductory, The First Steps, Prana, The Psychic Prana, The Control of Psychic Prana, Pratyahara and Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi, Raja-Yoga in brief
Patanjali's Yoga Aphorisms: Introduction, Concentration: Its spiritual uses, Concentration: Its practice, Powers, Independence, Appendix

Lectures and Discourses
Soul, God and Religion, The Hindu Religion, What is Religion?, Vedic Religious Ideals, The Vedanta Philosophy, Reason and Religion, Vedanta as a Factor in Civilisation, The Spirit and Influence of Vedanta, Steps of Hindu Philosophic Thought, Steps to Realisation, Vedanta and Privilege, Privilege, Krishna, Gita I, Gita II, Gita III, Mohammed, Vilvamangala, The Soul and God, Breathing, Practical Religion: Breathing and Meditation

Volume 2
Work and its Secret
The Powers of the Mind
Hints on Practical Spirituality
Bhakti or Devotion

The Necesssity of Religion, The Real Nature of Man, Maya and Illusion, Maya and the Evolution of the Conception of God, Maya and Freedom, The Absolute and Manifestation, God in Everything, Realisation, Unity in Diversity, The Freedom of the Soul, The Cosmos: The Macrocosm, The Cosmos: The Microcosm, Immortality, The Atman, The Atman: Its Bondage and Freedom, The Real and the Apparent Man

Practical Vedanta and other lectures
Practical Vedanta: Part I, Practical Vedanta: Part II, Practical Vedanta: Part III, Practical Vedanta: Part IV, The Way to the Realisation of a Universal Religion, The Ideal of a Universal Religion, The Open Secret, The Way to Blessedness, Yajnavalkya and Maitreyi, Soul, Nature and God, Cosmology, A study of the Sankhya philosophy, Sankhya and Vedanta, The Goal

Reports in American Newspapers
Note, Divinity of Man, Swami Vivekananda on India, Religious Harmony, From far off India, An Evening with our Hindu Cousins, The Manners and Customs of India, The Religions of India, Sects and Doctrines in India, Less Doctrine and more Bread, The Religion of Buddha, All Religions are Good, The Hindu way of life, Ideals of Womanhood, True Buddhism, India's Gift to the World, Child Widows of India, Some Customs of the Hindus

Volume 3
Lectures and Discourses
Unity, the Goal of Religion, The Free Soul, One Existence Appearing as Many

Definition of Bhakti, The Philosophy of Ishvara, Spiritual Realisation, the aim of Bhakti-Yoga, The Need of Guru, Qualifications of the Aspirant and the Teacher, Incarnate Teachers and Incarnation, The Mantra: Om: Word and Wisdom, Worship of Substitutes and Images, The Chosen Ideal, The Method and the Means

Para-Bhakti or Supreme Devotion
The Preparatory Renunciation, The Bhakta's Renunciation Results from Love, The Forms of Love — Manifestation, Universal Love and How it Leads to Self Surrender, The Higher Knowledge and the Higher Love are One to the True Lover, The Triangle of Love, The God of Love is His Own Proof, Human Representations of the Divine Ideal of Love, Conclusion

Lectures from Colombo to Almora
First Public Lecture in the East (Colombo), Vedantism, Reply to the Address of Welcome at Pamban, Address at the Rameswaram Temple on Real Worship, Reply to the Address of Welcome at Ramnad, Reply to the Address of Welcome at Paramakudi, Reply to the Address of Welcome at Shivaganga and Manamadura, Reply to the Address of Welcome at Madura, The Mission of the Vedanta, Reply to the Address of Welcome at Madras, My Plan of Campaign, Vedanta in its Application to Indian Life, The Sages of India, The Work before us, The Future of India, On Charity, Address of Welcome Presented at Calcutta and Reply, The Vedanta in all its phases, Address of Welcome at Almora and Reply, Vedic Teaching in Theory and Practice, Bhakti, The Common Bases of Hinduism, Bhakti, The Vedanta, Vedantism, The Influence of Indian Spiritual Thought in England, Sannyasa: Its Ideal and Practice, What have I learnt?, The Religion we are born in

Reports in American Newspapers
India: Her Religion and Customs, Hindus at the Fair, At the Parliament of Religions, Personal Traits, Reincarnation, Hindu Civilisation, An Interesting Lecture, The Hindoo Religion, The Hindoo Monk, Plea for Tolerance, Manners and Customs in India, Hindoo Philosophy, Miracles, The Divinity of Man, The Love of God, The Women of India

Buddhistic India

Volume 4
Addresses on Bhakti-Yoga
The Preparation, The First Steps, The Teacher of Spirituality, The Need of Symbols, The Chief Symbols, The Ishta

Lectures and Discourses
The Ramayana, The Mahabharata, Thoughts on the Gita, The Story of Jada Bharata, The Story of Prahlada, The Great Teachers of the World, On Lord Buddha, Christ, the Messenger, My Master, Indian Religious Thought, The Basis for Psychic or Spiritual Research, On Art in India, Is India a Benighted Country?, The Claims of Religion, Concentration, Meditation, The Practice of Religion

Writings: Prose
Is the Soul Immortal?, Reincarnation, On Dr. Paul Deussen, On Professor Max Müller, Sketch of the Life of Pavhari Baba, Aryans and Tamilians, The Social Conference Address, India's Message to the World, Stray Remarks on Theosophy, Reply to the Address of the Maharaja of Khetri, Reply to the Madras address, A Message of Sympathy to a Friend, What we Believe in, Our Duty to the Masses, Reply to the Calcutta Address, To my Brave Boys, A Plan of Work for India, Fundamentals of Religion

Writings: Poems
Kali the Mother, Angels Unawares I-III, To the Awakened India, Requiescat in Pace, Hold on Yet a While, Brave Heart, Nirvanashatkam, or Six Stanzas on Nirvana, The Song of The Sannyasin, Peace

Translations: Prose
The Problem of Modern India and its Solution, Ramakrishna, his Life and Sayings, The Paris Congress of the History of Religions, Knowledge: Its Source and Acquirement, Modern India, The Education that India needs, Our Present Social Problems

Translations: Poems
To a Friend, The Hymn of Creation, The Hymn of Samadhi, A Hymn to the Divine Mother, A Hymn to Shiva, A Hymn to the Divinity of Shri Ramakrishna, "And let Shyama Dance there", A Song I Sing to Thee

Volume 5
Epistles - First Series
Note, I Fakir, II Panditji Maharaj, III Alasinga, IV Alasinga, V Alasinga, VI Haripada, VII Friends, VIII Alasinga, IX Sharat, X Alasinga, XI Alasinga, XII Sister, XIII Alasinga, XIV Alasinga, XV Kidi, XVI Sister, XVII Alasinga, XVIII Alasinga, XIX Vehemia, XX Sister, XXI Blessed and Beloved, XXII Alasinga, XXIII Kidi, XXIV Blessed and Beloved, XXV Alasinga, XXVI Dharmapala, XXVII Alasinga, XXVIII Mrs. Bull, XXIX G. G.XXX Alasinga, XXXI Mrs. Ole Bull, XXXII Sister, XXXIII Alasinga, XXXIV Sister, XXXV Alasinga, XXXVI Sister, XXXVII Alasinga, XXXVIII S_, XXXIX Alasinga, XL Alasinga, XLI Friend, XLII Kidi, XLIII Alasinga, XLIV Mrs. William Sturges, XLV Mother, XLVI Friend, XLVII Maharaja of Khetri, XLVIII Friend, IL Alasinga, L Mrs. Bull, LI Friend, LII Alasinga, LIII Alasinga, LIV Alasinga, LV Alasinga, LVI Sister, LVII Blessed and Beloved, LVIII Alasinga, LIX Alasinga, LX Alasinga, LXI Dr. Nanjunda Rao, LXII Dr. Nanjunda Rao, LXIII Alasinga, LXIV Alasinga, LXV Blessed and Beloved, LXVI Nanjunda Rao, LXVII Alasinga, LXVIII Alasinga, LXIX Alasinga, LXX Indian Mirror, LXXI Alasinga, LXXII Alasinga, LXXIII Madam, LXXIV Honoured Madam, LXXV Doctor Shashi, LXXVI Mr.—, LXXVII Sarat Chandra, LXXVIII Sister, LXXIX Mother, LXXX Joe, LXXXI Jagmohanlal, LXXXII M., LXXXIII Your Highness, LXXXIV Your Highness, LXXXV Your Highness, LXXXVI Your Highness, LXXXVII Your Highness, LXXXVIII Your Highness, LXXXIX Mother, XC Joe, XCI Friend, XCII —, XCIII Shashi, XCIV Mother, XCV Sturdy, XCVI Mother, XCVII Shashi, XCVIII Mother, IC Joe, C Joe, CI Mother, CII Swarup, CIII Mary, CIV Shashi, CV Joe, CVI Joe, CVII Joe, CVIII Mary, CIX Christine, CX Mary, CXI Blessed and Beloved, CXII Blessed and Beloved, CXIII Joe, CXIV Swarup, CXV Mrs. Ole Bull, CXVI Sister Nivedita, CXVII Rakhal, CXVIII Rakhal, CXIX Rakhal, CXX Brahmananda, CXXI Joe, CXXII Joe, CXXIII Dhira Mata

Miracles, An Indian Yogi in London, India's Mission, India and England, Indian Missionary's Mission to England, With the Swami Vivekananda at Madura, The Abroad and The Problems at Home, The Missionary Work of The First Hindu Sannyasin to The West, Reawakening of Hinduism on a National Basis, On Indian Women — Their Past, Present and Future, On The Bounds of Hinduism

Notes from Lectures and Discourses
On Karma-Yoga, On Fanaticism, Work is Worship, Work Without Motive, Sadhanas or Preparations for Higher Life, The Cosmos and The Self, Who is A Real Guru?, On Art, On Language, The Sannyasin, The Sannyasin and The Householder, The Evils of Adhikarivada, On Bhakti-Yoga, Ishvara and Brahman, On Jnana-Yoga, The Cause of Illusion, Evolution, Buddhism and Vedanta, On The Vedanta Philosophy, Law and Freedom, The Goal and Methods of Realisation, World-Wide Unity, The aim of Raja-Yoga

Questions and Answers
I Discussion at The Graduate Philosophical Society of Harvard University, II At The Twentieth Century Club of Boston, III At The Brooklyn Ethical Society, Brooklyn, IV Selections from The Math Diary, V Yoga, Vairagya, Tapasya, Love, VI In Answer to Nivedita, VII Guru, Avatara, Yoga, Japa, Seva

Conversations and Dialogues (Recorded by Disciples - Translated)
I Shri Surendra Nath Das Gupta, II - V Shri Surendra Nath Sen, VI - X Shri Priya Nath Sinha, XI - XV From the Diary of a Disciple, Shri Sarat Chandra Chakravarty

Sayings and Utterances

Writings: Prose and Poems - Original and Translated
Reason, Faith and Love, Six Sanskrit Mottoes, The Message of Divine Wisdom, The Belur Math: An Appeal, The Advaita Ashrama, Himalayas, The Ramakrishna Home of Service, Varanasi: An appeal, Who Knows how Mother Plays!, To The Fourth of July, The East and The West

Volume 6
Lectures and Discourses
The Methods and Purpose of Religion, The Nature of the Soul and its Goal, The Importance of Psychology, Nature and Man, Concentration and Breathing, Introduction to Jnana-Yoga, The Vedanta Philosophy and Christianity, Worshipper and Worshipped, Formal Worship, Divine Love

Notes of Class Talks and Lectures
Religion and Science, Religion is Realisation, Religion is Self-abnegation, Unselfish Work is True Renunciation, Freedom of the Self, Notes on Vedanta, Hindu and Greek, Thoughts on the Vedas and Upanishads, On Raja-Yoga, On Bhakti-Yoga, On Jnana-Yoga, The Reality and Shadow, How to Become Free, Soul and God, The Goal, On Proof of Religion, The Design Theory, Spirit and Nature, The Practice of Religion, Fragmentary Notes on the Ramayana, Notes taken down in Madras, 1892-93, Concentration, The Power of the Mind, Lessons on Raja-Yoga, Lessons on Bhakti-Yoga, Mother-worship, Narada-Bhakti-Sutras

Writings: Prose and Poems - Original and Translated
Historical Evolution of India, The Story of the Boy Gopala, My Play is Done, The Cup, A Benediction, The Hymn of Creation, On the Sea's Bosom, Hinduism and Shri Ramakrishna, The Bengali Language, Matter for Serious Thought, Shiva's Demon

Epistles - Second Series
I Sir, II Sir, III Sir, IV Sir, V M—, VI Sir, VII Sir, VIII Sir, IX Sir, X Sir, XI Sir, XII Sir, XIII Sir, XIV Sir, XV Sir, XVI Sir, XVII Sir, XVIII Sir, XIX Sir, XX Sir, XXI Sir, XXII Sir, XXIII Akhandananda, XXIV Sir, XXV Sir, XXVI Sir, XXVII Akhandananda, XXVIII Akhandananda, XXIX Sir, XXX Kali, XXXI Sir, XXXII Sir, XXXIII Sir, XXXIV Sharat, XXXV Govinda Sahay, XXXVI Govinda Sahay, XXXVII Govinda Sahay, XXXVIII Doctor, XXXIX Mother, XL Maharaja of Khetri, XLI Shashi, XLII Sir, XLIII Sisters, XLIV Sisters, XLV Brothers, XLVI Mother Sara, XLVII Brother disciples, XLVIII Mrs. Bull, IL Swami Ramakrisnananda, L Mrs. Bull, LI Dear and Beloved, LII Govinda Sahay, LIII Govinda Sahay, LIV Swami Ramakrishnanda, LV Akhandananda, LVI Dear and Beloved, LVII Mrs. Bull, LVIII Sarada, LIX Sanyal, LX Mrs. Bull, LXI Mrs. Bull, LXII Mrs. Bull, LXIII Shashi, LXIV Mrs. Bull, LXV Mrs. Bull, LXVI Mrs. Bull, LXVII Mrs. Bull, LXVIII Mrs. Bull, LXIX Shashi, LXX Alberta, LXXI Rakhal, LXXII Akhandananada, LXXIII Brother Disciples, LXXIV Rakhal, LXXV Shashi, LXXVI Rakhal, LXXVII Shashi, LXXVIII Rakhal, LXXIX Mrs. Bull, LXXX Mrs. Bull, LXXXI Mother, LXXXII Dear—, LXXXIII Rakhal, LXXXIV Mrs. Bull, LXXXV Akhandananda, LXXXVI Mrs. Bull, LXXXVII Alberta, LXXXVIII Mrs. Bull, LXXXIX Mrs. Bull, XC Sister, XCI Sarada, XCII Yogen, XCIII Mrs. Bull, XCIV Sarada, XCV Mrs. Bull, XCVI Mrs. Bull, XCVII Sarada, XCVIII Mrs. Bull, XCIX Mrs. Bull, C Shashi, CI Shashi, CII Frankincense, CIII Mrs. Bull, CIV Mrs. Bull, CV Sahji, CVI Shashi, CVII Mrs. Bull, CVIII Sister, CIX Joe Joe, CX Miss S. E. Waldo, CXI Mrs. Bull, CXII Mary, CXIII Mrs. Bull, CXIV Lalaji, CXV Dear—, CXVI Sisters, CXVII Alberta, CXVIII Mrs. Bull, CXIX Frankincense, CXX Alberta, CXXI Mary, CXXII Mrs. Bull, CXXIII Mary, CXXIV Sir, CXXV Shuddhananda, CXXVI Miss Noble, CXXVII Rakhal, CXXVIII Akhandananda, CXXIX Rakhal, CXXX Rakhal, CXXXI Akhandananda, CXXXII Akhandananda, CXXXIII Mrs. Bull, CXXXIV Mother, CXXXV Sarada, CXXXVI Akhandananda, CXXXVII Rakhal, CXXXVIII M—, CXXXIX Mother, CXL Mother, CXLI Margot, CXLII Friend, CXLIII Margot, CXLIV Dear, CXLV Dhira Mata, CXLVI Dear, CXLVII Mrs. Bull, CXLVIII Margot, CXLIX Margot, CL Mrs. Bull, CLI Margot, CLII Margot, CLIII Nivedita, CLIV Akhandananda, CLV Nivedita, CLVI Nivedita, CLVII Margot, CLVIII Joe, CLIX Nivedita, CLX Nivedita, CLXI Nivedita, CLXII Nivedita, CLXIII Mother, CLXIV Alberta, CLXV Joe, CLXVI Nivedita, CLXVII Joe, CLXVIII Nivedita

Conversations and Dialogues (From the Diary of a Disciple)

Volume 7
Inspired Talks (1895)
Wednesday, June 19, Sunday, June 23, Monday, June 24, Tuesday, June 25, Wednesday, June 26, Thursday, June 27, Friday, June 28, Saturday, June 29, Sunday, June 30, Monday, July 1, Tuesday, July 2, Wednesday, July 3, Friday, July 5, Saturday, July 6, Sunday, July 7, Monday, July 8, Tuesday, July 9, Wednesday, July 10, Thursday, July 11, Friday, July 12, Saturday, July 13, Sunday, July 14, Monday, July 15, Tuesday, July 16, Wednesday, July 17, Thursday, July 18, Friday, July 19, Saturday, July 20, Sunday, July 21, Tuesday, July 23, Wednesday, July 24, Thursday, July 25, Friday, July 26, Saturday, July 27, Sunday, July 28, Monday, July 29, Tuesday, July 30, Wednesday, July 31, Thursday, August 1, Friday, August 2, Saturday, August 3, Sunday, August 4, Monday, August 5, Tuesday, August 6

Conversations and Dialogues
From the Dairy of a Disciple (Shri Sharat Chandra Chakravarty)
Shri Priya Nath Sinha
Mrs. Wright XXXII, The Appeal-Avalanche XXXIII, The Detroit Free Press XXXIV, The Detroit Tribune XXXV

Translation of Writings
Note, Memoirs of European Travel I, Memoirs of European Travel II, Addenda

Notes of Class Talks and Lectures
Notes of Class Talks
On Art, On Music, On Mantra and Mantra-Chaitanya, On Conceptions of Godhead, On Food, On Sanyasa and Family Life, On questioning the Competency of the Guru, Shri Ramakrishna: The significance of His Life and Teachings, On Shri Ramakrishna and His Views, Shri Ramakrishna: The Nation's Ideal

Notes of Lectures
Mercenaries in Religion, The Destiny of Man, Reincarnation, Comparative Theology, Buddhism, The Religion of the Light of Asia, The Science of Yoga

Epistles - Third Series
Note, I Sir, II Sir, III Sir, IV Sir, V Gupta, VI Sir, VII Atul Babu, VIII Adhyapakji, IX Adhyapakji, X Adhyapakji, XI Mrs. Tannatt Woods, XII Adhyapakji, XIII Mrs. Woods, XIV Sister, XV Brother, XVI Professor, XVII Sister, XVIII Sister, XIX Adhyapakji, XX Adhyapakji, XXI Adhyapakji, XXII Adhyapakji, XXIII Mr. Bhattacharya, XXIV Kali, XXV Brother Shivananda, XXVI Brahmananda, XXVII Alasinga, XXVIII Brother, XXIX Dear—, XXX Rakhal, XXXI Alasinga, XXXII Dear, XXXIII Sister, XXXIV Shashi, XXXV Adhyapakji, XXXVI Miss Noble, XXXVII Friend and Brother, XXXVIII Sharat Chandra Chakravarti, XXXIX Mrs. Bull, XL Shuddhananda, XLI Miss Noble, XLII Miss Noble, XLIII Madam, XLIV Sturdy, XLV Mrs. Leggett, XLVI Mother, XLVII Margot, XLVIII Mother, IL Mother, L Mother, LI Mr. Leggett, LII Aunt Roxy, LIII Alberta

Volume 8
Lectures and Discourses
Discourses on Jnana-Yoga
Six Lessons on Raja-Yoga
Women of India, My Life and Mission, Buddha's Message to the World, Discipleship, Is Vedanta the Future Religion?

Writings: Prose
Struggle for Expansion, The Birth of Religion, Four Paths of Yoga, Cyclic Rest and Change, A Preface to the Imitation of Christ

Writings: Poems
An Interesting Correspondence, Thou Blessed Dream, Light, The Living God, To an Early Violet, To My Own Soul, The Dance of Shiva, Shiva in Ecstasy, To Shri Khrishna, A Hymn to Shri Ramakrishna, A Hymn to Shri Ramakrishna, No One to Blame

Notes of Class Talks and Lectures
Notes of Class Talks, Man the Maker of His Destiny, God: Personal and Impersonal, The Divine Incarnation or Avatara, Pranayama, Women of the East, Congress of Religious Unity, The Love of God I, The Love of God II, India, Hindus and Christians, Christianity in India, The Religion of Love, Jnana and Karma, The Claims of Vedanta on the Modern World, The Laws of Life and Death, The Reality and the Shadow, Way to Salvation, The People of India, I am That I am, Unity, The Worship of the Divine Mother, The Essence of Religion

Sayings and Utterances

Epistles - Fourth Series
Note, I Sir, II Sir, III Sir, IV Sir, V Sir, VI Diwanji Saheb, VII Diwanji Saheb, VIII Diwanji Saheb, IX Diwanji Saheb, X Haripada, XI Alasinga, XII Diwanji Saheb, XIII Diwanji Saheb, XIV Diwanji Saheb, XV Diwanji Saheb, XVI Sisters, XVII Babies, XVIII Sister Mary, XIX Sister, XX Diwanji Saheb, XXI Dear—, XXII Mother, XXIII Sisters, XXIV Babies, XXV Sisters, XXVI Sister, XXVII Leon, XXVIII Sister, XXIX Diwanji Saheb, XXX Diwanji Saheb, XXXI Mother, XXXII Sister, XXXIII Diwanji Saheb, XXXIV Diwanji, XXXV Sister, XXXVI Sister, XXXVII Sister, XXXVIII Miss Bell, XXXIX Friend, XL Friend, XLI Friend, XLII Babies, XLIII Alasinga, XLIV Joe, XLV Sister, XLVI Sister, XLVII Sister, XLVIII Sister, IL Friend, L Friend, LI Friend, LII Joe Joe, LIII Kali, LIV Joe Joe, LV Joe Joe, LVI Joe Joe, LVII Friend, LVIII Friend, LIX Friend, LX Blessed and Beloved, LXI Friend, LXII Joe Joe, LXIII Sturdy, LXIV Blessed and Beloved, LXV Sharat, LXVI Friend, LXVII Sister, LXVIII Blessed and Beloved, LXIX Alasinga, LXX Blessed and Beloved, LXXI Blesed and Beloved, LXXII Sister, LXXIII Sisters, LXXIV Sturdy, LXXV Sisters, LXXVI Mary, LXXVII Babies, LXXVIII Blessed and Beloved, LXXIX Blessed and Beloved, LXXX Dear—, LXXXI Goodwin, LXXXII Blessesd and Beloved, LXXXIII Blessed and Beloved, LXXXIV Friend, LXXXV Sister, LXXXVI Joe, LXXXVII Rakhal, LXXXVIII Mary, LXXXIX Rakhal, XC Shashi, XCI Miss Noble, XCII Rakhal, XCIII Sudhir, XCIV Marie, XCV Miss Noble, XCVI Miss Noble, XCVII Joe Joe, XCVIII Rakhal, IC Marie, C Shashi, CI Shashi, CII Rakhal, CIII Rakhal, CIV Shuddhananda, CV Haripada, CVI Miss MacLeod, CVII Rakhal, CVIII Shashi, CIX Rakhal, CX Margo, CXI Rakhal, CXII Rakhal, CXIII Miss Noble, CXIV Rakhal, CXV Rakhal, CXVI Baburam, CXVII Rakhal, CXVIII Rakhal, CXIX Rakhal, CXX Shivananda, CXXI Rajaji, CXXII Shashi, CXXIII Mary, CXXIV Shashi, CXXV Joe Joe, CXXVI Rakhal, CXXVII Joe Joe, CXXVIII Rakhal, CXXIX Sturdy, CXXX Rakhal, CXXXI Rakhal, CXXXII Mary, CXXXIII Haripada, CXXXIV Haripada, CXXXV Joe, CXXXVI Mary, CXXXVII Sturdy, CXXXVIII Joe, CXXXIX Marie, CXL Rakhal, CXLI Mother, CXLII Sturdy, CXLIII Mary, CXLIV Mary, CXLV Optimist, CXLVI Sturdy, CXLVII Mrs. Bull, CXLVIII Rakhal, CXLIX Mary, CL Brahmananda, CLI Dhira Mata, CLII Dhira Mata, CLIII Mary, CLIV Dhira Mata, CLV Dhira Mata, CLVI Mary, CLVII Mary, CLVIII Dhira Mata, CLIX Dhira Mata, CLX Joe, CLXI Rakhal, CLXII Mary, CLXIII Dhira Mata, CLXIV Mary, CLXV Mary, CLXVI Haribhai, CLXVII Joe, CLXVIII Haribhai, CLXIX Joe, CLXX Dhira Mata, CLXXI Margot, CLXXII American Friend, CLXXIII Dhira Mata, CLXXIV Joe, CLXXV American Friend, CLXXVI Joe, CLXXVII Mary, CLXXVIII Mary, CLXXIX Nivedita, CLXXX Nivedita, CLXXXI Mary, CLXXXII Mary, CLXXXIII Sister, CLXXXIV Turiyananda, CLXXXV Joe, CLXXXVI Joe, CLXXXVII Turiyananda, CLXXXVIII Dear—, CLXXXIX Hari, CXC John Fox, CXCI Brother Hari, CXCII Hari, CXCIII Turiyananda, CXCIV Mademoiselle, CXCV Sister Christine, CXCVI Joe, CXCVII Mother

Volume 9

Letters (Fifth Series)
I Sir, II Sir, III Sir, IV Balaram Babu, V Tulsiram, VI Sharat, VII Mother, VIII Mother, IX Mother, X Mother, XI Mother, XII Mother, XIII Mother, XIV Mother, XV Mother, XVI Mother, XVII Mother, XVIII Mother, XIX Mother, XX Mother, XXI Mother, XXII Mother, XXIII Mother, XXIV Mother, XXV Mother, XXVI Mother, XXVII Mother, XXVIII Mother, XXIX Mother, XXX Mother, XXXI Mother, XXXII Mother, XXXIII Mother, XXXIV Mother, XXXV Mother, XXXVI Mother, XXXVII Mother, XXXVIII Mother, XXXIX Mother, XL Mrs. Bull, XLI Miss Thursby, XLII Mother, XLIII Mother, XLIV Mother, XLV Mother, XLVI Mother, XLVII Miss Thursby, XLVIII Adhyapakji, XLIX Mother, L Mother, LI Mother, LII Mother, LIII Mother, LIV Mother, LV Friend, LVI Mother, LVII Mother, LVIII Sir, LIX Mother, LX Doctor, LXI Mother—, LXII Mother—, LXIII Mother, LXIV Mother—, LXV Mother, LXVI Mother—, LXVII Friend, LXVIII Mrs. G. W. Hale, LXIX Christina, LXX Mother—, LXXI Sister Christine, LXXII Isabelle McKindley, LXXIII Christina, LXXIV Christina, LXXV Christina, LXXVI Your Highness, LXXVII Sir—, LXXVIII Christina—, LXXIX Mrs. Ole Bull, LXXX Sir, LXXXI Mrs. Bull, LXXXII Mrs. Funkey, LXXXIII Mrs. Bull, LXXXIV Christina, LXXXV Mrs.Bull—, LXXXVI Miss Thursby, LXXXVII Friend, LXXXVIII Christina, LXXXIX Mrs. Funkey, XC Christina, XCI Christina, XCII Mrs. Bull—, XCIII Sir, XCIV Mrs. Bull—, XCV Mother—, XCVI Sir, XCVII Mrs. Bull, XCVIII Blessed and Beloved, XCIX Christina, C Miss Noble, CI Miss Noble—, CII Christina, CIII Madras Committee, CIV Gentlemen, CV Christina, CVI Mrs. Bull—, CVII Ram Ram, CVIII Miss Noble, CIX Lalajee, CX Badri Sah, CXI Mother—, CXII Mrs. Bull—, CXIII Friend, CXIV Shivananda, CXV Christina, CXVI Sister Christine, CXVII Miss Noble, CXVIII Christina, CXIX Margaret, CXX Dhira Mata—, CXXI Jagmohan, CXXII Miss MacLeod, CXXIII Sir, CXXIV Miss Macleod / Mrs. Bull, CXXV Mr. J. J. Goodwin’s Mother, CXXVI Your Highness—, CXXVII Christina, CXXVIII Your Highness—, CXXIX Your Highness—, CXXX Margot, CXXXI Nivedita, CXXXII Christina, CXXXIII Raja, CXXXIV S, CXXXV Margot, CXXXVI Sir, CXXXVII Margot, CXXXVIII Christina, CXXXIX Miss Macleod, CXL Christina, CXLI Christina, CXLII Sister Christine, CXLIII Mother, CXLIV Isabel—, CXLV Christina, CXLVI Mother Church, CXLVII Mother, CXLVIII Christina, CXLIX Christina, CL Christina, CLI Christina, CLII Christina—, CLIII Mrs. Bull—, CLIV Christina, CLV Dhira Mata—, CLVI Mother, CLVII Margot, CLVIII Mother, CLIX Christina, CLX Brahmananda, CLXI Christina, CLXII Margo, CLXIII Joe—, CLXIV Christina, CLXV Sister Christine, CLXVI Margot, CLXVII Margot, CLXVIII Mother, CLXIX Christina, CLXX Abhedananda, CLXXI Christina, CLXXII Christina, CLXXIII Christina, CLXXIV Christina, CLXXV Mrs. Hansbrough—, CLXXVI Sister Christine, CLXXVII Mrs. Hansbrough—, CLXXVIII Abhedananda, CLXXIX Christina, CLXXX Mrs. Leggett, CLXXXI Christine, CLXXXII Nivedita, CLXXXIII Christine, CLXXXIV Christina, CLXXXV Mother, CLXXXVI Alberta, CLXXXVII Christina—, CLXXXVIII Margo, CLXXXIX Sister Christine, CXC Your Highness—, CXCI Mother—, CXCII Sir, CXCIII Margot, CXCIV Christine, CXCV Introduction, CXCVI Christine, CXCVII Mother, CXCVIII Mrs. Hansbrough—, CXCIX Friend—, CC Christina, CCI Christine, CCII Christine, CCIII Christine, CCIV Christine, CCV Christina, CCVI Christina, CCVII Margo, CCVIII Christina, CCIX Chrisitne, CCX Christine, CCXI Christine, CCXII Christine, CCXIII Sister Christine, CCXIV Christine, CCXV Joe—, CCXVI Joe—, CCXVII Mrs. Hansbrough, CCXVIII Margo, CCXIX Christine, CCXX Mother, CCXXI Joe—, CCXXII Christine, CCXXIII Mademoiselle, CCXIV Christine, CCXXV Christine, CCXXVI Christine, CCXXVII Christine

Lectures and Discourses
The Women of India, The First Step towards Jnana, Bhakti-Yoga, The Mundaka Upanishad, History of the Aryan Race

Notes of Lectures and Classes
Note, The Religion of India, Christ's Message to the World, Mohammed's Message to the World, Class Lessons in Meditation, The Gita, The Gita — I, The Gita — III, Gita Class, Remarks from Various Lectures

Writings: Prose and Poems (Original and Translated)
The Ether, Notes, Lecture Notes, Macrocosm and Microcosm, Footnotes to The Imitation of Christ, The Plague Manifesto, One Circle More, Facsimile of One Circle More, An Untitled Poem on Shri Ramakrishna, An Unfinished Poem, Bhartrihari's Verses on Renunciation

Conversations and Interviews

Excerpts from Sister Nivedita's Book
Note, Foreword, I The Home On The Ganges, II At Naini Tal And AlmoraIII Morning Talks At AlmoraIV On The Way To KathgodamV On The Way To BaramullaVI The Vale Of Kashmir, VII Life At Srinagar, VIII The Temple Of PandrenthanIX Walks And Talks Beside The JhelumX The Shrine Of AmarnathXI At Srinagar On The Return JourneyXII The Camp Under The Chennaars, Concluding Words Of The Editor

Sayings and Utterances

Newspaper Reports
Part I: American Newspaper Reports
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Part II: European Newspaper Reports
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Part III: Indian Newspaper Reports
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