To Mrs. G. W. Hale


February 22, 1894


I have got the $200 for the engagements, $175 and $117 by private lectures1 and $100 as a present from a lady.

This sum will be sent to you tomorrow in cheques by Mrs. Bagley. Today, the banks being closed, we could not do it.

I am going tomorrow to lecture at Ada, Ohio. I do not know whether I will go to Chicago from Ada or not. However, kindly let not Slayton know anything about the rest of the money, as I am going to separate myself from him.

Yours obediently,


  1. ^When Swami Vivekananda realized that the Slayton Lyceum Lecture Bureau was cheating him, he began to arrange lectures privately, not knowing that Mr. T. W. Palmer who had gone to Chicago on his behalf, had broken the contract on the day this letter was written.