[A fragmentary poem composed at Ridgely Manor, in 1899]

One circle more the spiral path of life ascends
And time's restless shuttle — running back and fro
Through maze of warp and woof
of shining
threads of life — spins out a stronger piece. (Cf. a slightly different version of the first three lines of this poem which appeared in Swami Vivekananda's own handwriting on the left-hand side of the folded letter paper containing the original draft (Vide the facsimile):

       One circle more the spiral path of life ascends
       And Time's restless shuttle running
       back and fro
       through maze of warp and woof spins out a
       stronger piece.

Hand in hand they stand — and try to
fathom depths whence
springs eternal love, each in other's eyes;
And find
No hold o'er that age but brings the youth anew —
And time — the good, the pure, the true.

  1. ^Vedanta Society of Southern California archives. Mrs. Frances Leggett found this document on Ridgely Manor stationary and sent it to the Vedanta Society of Southern California in the summer of 1962. The title of the poem has been supplied by the editors of Vedanta Kesari (May 1973).